Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Welcome to my Nest!

Welcome to my Nest.... my Origami Owl nest, that is!
After 8 years with 2 different home party plan jewelry companies, I'm embarking on a new venture with this NEW, FUN company that offers unique, "hoot-i-ful" custom jewelry!

Origami Owl was founded by Isabella Weems when she was 14 years old. Are you curious why she started her business? Isabella wanted to be able to buy a car when she was to turn 16 so she used her $350 in babysitting money and her parents matched her contribution! She started selling the jewelry and hosting home parties. In January 2012, Origami Owl launched as a new home party plan company and in over 2-1/2 months have welcomed over 1000 Independent Designers that are now sharing the jewelry with others!! I'm so grateful that I made the decision to join such an amazing company.

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